*** Sections Marked With An  “X”  Are Cards That I Am Missing In My Collection. I Am Always Looking To Complete My Collections And Fill In The Missing Pieces.
Feel Free To Send Me A Message If You Are Willing And/Or Able To Help! Thanks. ***

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    CARD                       CARD                  CARD                                  CARD                                        PRINT
  NUMBER                   YEAR                   TYPE                                  NAME                                          RUN


•  RELEASED: AUGUST 27, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2021

               0                                           2021                                   Base                                                     CM PUNK                                                               8246 

               0                                           2021                                   Error Card                                        X (CM PUNK)                                                               

•  RELEASED: SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

       PP-1                                           2021                                   Base                                                     ADAM COLE                                                         4548

•  RELEASED: SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

       PP-2                                           2021                                   Base                                                     BRYAN DANIELSON                                        4387

•  RELEASED: FEBRUARY 23, 2022 – MARCH 2, 2022

       PP-3                                           2022                                   Base                                                     KEITH LEE                                                              2786





  • Complete Card Set = 5 Cards
  • Card Set Is A Preview To The Premier 2021 AEW Upper Deck Base Card Set Design
  • Cards Were Released In Digital Format Exclusively Through The Upper Deck E-Pack Store Which Could be Redeemed At A Later Point In Time For Physical Copies Of The Card
    – Upper Deck E-Pack Store Can Be Found At upperdeckepack.com
    – Physical Card Redemptions Can Be Requested 6-8 Weeks After Digital Card Is Released
  • Cards Were Only Available Online For 7 Days
  • Print Runs For Each Card Are Listed Above In The Checklist Along With Dates Each Card Was Released
  • ‘CM Punk’ Error Card Is An Unsigned Version Of The Base Card Which Was Released And Distributed By Upper Deck Mistakenly
    – Upper Deck Requested The Error Card To Be Returned In Exchange For An Un-described Care Package
  • There Is No Limit On The Number Of 2021-2022 AEW Preview Packs To Purchase, But Only 99 Packs May Be Purchased In A Single Transaction
  • More Information On How To Purchase Products, Open Packs, Trade Cards, And Earn Achievements Are Found On The FAQ Page