*** Sections Marked With An  “X”  Are Cards That I Am Missing In My Collection. I Am Always Looking To Complete My Collections And Fill In The Missing Pieces.
Feel Free To Send Me A Message If You Are Willing And/Or Able To Help! Thanks. ***

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    CARD                CARD          CARD                                  CARD
  NUMBER            YEAR           TYPE                                  NAME


             1                                 2022                     Base                                          X (THE CURSE (DANHAUSEN))

             1                                 2022                     Foil Parallel                           X (THE CURSE (DANHAUSEN))

             1                                 2022                     Reversed Parallel              X (THE CURSE (DANHAUSEN))

             2                                 2022                     Base                                          X (THE SASSY (CHELSEA GREEN))

             2                                 2022                     Foil Parallel                           X (THE SASSY (CHELSEA GREEN))

             2                                 2022                     Reversed Parallel              X (THE SASSY (CHELSEA GREEN))

             3                                 2022                     Base                                          X (THE BEAST (WARDLOW))

             3                                 2022                     Foil Parallel                           X (THE BEAST (WARDLOW))

             3                                 2022                     Reversed Parallel              X (THE BEAST (WARDLOW))

             4                                 2022                     Base                                          X (THE KID (HOOK))

             4                                 2022                     Foil Parallel                           X (THE KID (HOOK))

             4                                 2022                     Reversed Parallel              X (THE KID (HOOK))

             5                                 2022                     Base                                          X (THE EMERALD (JADE CARGILL))

             5                                 2022                     Foil Parallel                           X (THE EMERALD (JADE CARGILL))

             5                                 2022                     Reversed Parallel              X (THE EMERALD (JADE CARGILL))

             6                                 2022                     Base                                          X (THE COLLECTOR (LOGAN PAUL))

             6                                 2022                     Foil Parallel                           X (THE COLLECTOR (LOGAN PAUL))

             6                                 2022                     Reversed Artist                  X (THE COLLECTOR (LOGAN PAUL))
                                                                                  Autograph Parallel





  • Complete Card Set = 18 Cards
    – Card Set Contains 6 Base Cards
    – Card Set Contains 6 Foil Parallel Cards
    – Card Set Contains 5 Reversed Parallel Cards
    – Card Set Contains 1 Reversed Artist Autograph Parallel Card
  • Card Set Is A Digital NFT Release
  • Card Set Could Be Redeemed For Physical Cards
    – Physical Card Set Print Run = 16 Card Sets
    – Redemption NFT Cards Were Randomly Inserted Into Virtual NFT Packs When Purchased
  • Foil Parallel Cards Were Randomly Inserted Into Physical Redemption Sets
  • Reversed Artist Autograph Parallel – The Collector (Logan Paul) Card #6 Was Randomly Inserted Into Physical Redemption Sets
  • Card Set Received A Cease & Desist Order Which Immediately Canceled All Further Sales And Promotions
  • Card Set Backside Contains A QR Code Directed To The Blockchain Website When Scanned
  • Card Set Is Designed To Replicate The WCW Impel The Stomp Collection Premier Edition 1991 Card Set
  • Card Set Was Able To Be Purchased At https://neftyblocks.com/c/blkchancards/marketplace