*** Sections Marked With An  “X”  Are Cards That I Am Missing In My Collection. I Am Always Looking To Complete My Collections And Fill In The Missing Pieces.
Feel Free To Send Me A Message If You Are Willing And/Or Able To Help! Thanks. ***

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    CARD                CARD             CARD                                  CARD
  NUMBER            YEAR              TYPE                                  NAME


CT-AK 1 of 12                  2022                  Autograph                          X (ALLYSIN KAY)

CT-MB 2 of 12                 2022                  Autograph                          X (MARTI BELLE)

CT-DS 3 of 12                  2022                  Autograph                          X (“DOCTOR D” DAVID SHULTZ)

CT-BM 4 of 12                 2022                  Autograph                          X (BLUE MEANIE)

CT-FR 5 of 12                   2022                  Autograph                          X (FRANCINE)

CT-MM 6 of 12                2022                  Autograph                          X (MAX MOON)

CT-FG 7 of 12                   2022                  Autograph                          X (FLIP GORDON)

CT-SG 8 of 12                   2022                  Autograph                          X (SHAUL GUERRERO)

CT-DB 9 of 12                  2022                  Autograph                          X (DOWNTOWN BRUNO)

CT-KH 10 of 12               2022                  Autograph                          X (KIERA HOGAN)

CT-MS 11 of 12               2022                  Autograph                          X (MARTY SCURLL)

CT-MAN 12 of 12          2022                  Autograph                          X (MANTAUR)

CT-KD                                  2022                  Exclusive Autograph     X (KIAH DREAM)




  • Complete Card Set = 13 Cards
    – Card Set Contains 1 Exclusive Edition Autograph Card
  • Each Card Is Numbered /20 Making The Print Run Of 20 Cards Each
    – There Will Not Be More Than 20 Cards Printed To The Public For Each Talent
  • Each Card In The Card Set Is Autographed By The Respected Talent Associated To The Card
  • Cards Are Available For Purchase Exclusively Through Captain’s Corner Virtual And Public Appearances
  • Cards Can Be Purchased Through Captain’s Corner Facebook Page At www.facebook.com/captinscorner While Supplies Last 
  • Additional Prizes And Incentives Were Offered For Card Set
    – Everyone Who Obtains And Completes The Card Set Through Virtual And/Or Public Appearances Received A Grand
        Prize Entry With Photo Proof Of Card Set Completion
         – Grand Prize Offer Included A Lunch With The Captain And A Featured Guest In Either January Or February 2023
              – If Guest Cannot Make The Public Appearance, A Zoom And Audio Call Option Is Available
         – Winner Drawn At Random During The Captain’s Birthday Bash Event
    – Everyone Who Obtains And Completes Card Set Through Virtual And/Or Public Appearances Received An Exclusive
        Edition Card Not Available Anywhere Else With Photo Proof Of Card Set Completion
         – Exclusive Edition Card Is Complimentary To Complete Set Holders Or Can Be Purchased Separately For $20 Each
  • Card Set Designed By @KAGEGFX
  • Card Set Is Designed To Replicate The 2019-2020 Panini National Treasures Football