*** Sections Marked With An  “X”  Are Cards That I Am Missing In My Collection. I Am Always Looking To Complete My Collections And Fill In The Missing Pieces.
Feel Free To Send Me A Message If You Are Willing And/Or Able To Help! Thanks. ***

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    CARD                 CARD           CARD                              CARD
  NUMBER            YEAR            TYPE                                NAME


        IR-AJL                           2019                     Base           A.J. LEE – WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT

        IR-PAI                            2019                     Base           PAIGE – WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT

        IR-RF                             2019                      Base           RIC FLAIR – WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

        IR-RS                              2019                     Base           RICKY STEAMBOAT – WORLD WRESTLING

        IR-SS                              2019                      Base           SGT. SLAUGHTER – WORLD WRESTLING

        IR-TZ                             2019                      Base           TAZ – EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING




  • Complete Card Set = 6 Cards
  • Card Set Is Custom Made By @KAGEGFX
  • Card Set Is Designed To Replicate The 2017 Panini Impeccable Elegance Veteran / Retired Patch Auto Card Set