*** Sections Marked With An  “X”  Are Cards That I Am Missing In My Collection. I Am Always Looking To Complete My Collections And Fill In The Missing Pieces.
Feel Free To Send Me A Message If You Are Willing And/Or Able To Help! Thanks. ***

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    CARD                CARD             CARD                                  CARD
  NUMBER            YEAR              TYPE                                  NAME


            PC-4                          2022                       Base                                      CHRIS JERICHO

            PC-6                          2022                       Base                                      CM PUNK

         PC-10                          2022                       Base                                      KENNY OMEGA

     PCA-CJ                          2022                       Autograph                         X (CHRIS JERICHO)

    PCA-CP                          2022                       Autograph                         X (CM PUNK)




  • Complete Card Set = 43 Cards
    – Wrestling Card Set = 5 Cards
         – Complete Base Card Set = 3 Cards
         – Complete Autograph Card Set = 2 Cards
  • Card Set Was Only Available For Redemption At The 42nd National Sports Collectors Convention 2022 In Atlantic City, NJ
  • Free Packs Were Provided To Collectors In Attendance At The National
    – Limited To Six Packs Per Person Each Day
  • NSCC Upper Deck Promotional Packs Were Able To Be Obtained By Buying Select Boxes From Certified Diamond Dealers At The Event
  • The Promotional Set Offers 10 Prominent Cuts Cards Done In A Playing Card Style
    – Stars Featured From Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf And AEW Wrestling
  • Prominent Cuts Autograph Cards Print Run = 75 Cards Each